Renter's Shield™

What is Renter's Shield™?

Renter’s insurance protects the renter in the event that property is damaged or stolen.  Renter’s Shield™ protects the ability for a family to stay in their rented home or apartment if something happens to THEM.  Life insurance with Living Benefits provides this protection, and can be bundled with disability coverage, cancer coverage and hospital indemnity coverage to give renters the peace of mind that their families deserve.

Renter's Insurance vs Renter's Shield™

Which is more important:  protecting your family or protecting your belongings?  Renter’s Shield™ provides the peace of mind that renters need in these challenging times.

When you purchase your home, your Renter’s Shield™ plan can be used as your Mortgage Protection coverage.  

Rates are locked in at your current age and health condition for the life of the plan – premiums never increase, coverage never decreases and the plan cannot be canceled by the insurer as long as premiums are paid.

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