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What Are Some of the Questions Successful Business Owners Ask Themselves?

🔹How do I get the most return on my investment in retirement plans?

🔹How do I focus on retirement plans and benefits on key employees and myself?

🔹Who are those employees and how do I attract others like them?

Strategic Retirement Plan for Business Owners

Recently, there has been a trend in regard to tax-qualified retirement plans. They just haven’t been working, and as a result, plans are being terminated, employers are not matching or the plans are not even being offered. Many articles have been written about the failure of 401K plans and the termination of pension plans.

In today’s economic climate, savvy business owners are turning to 9th Wonder Financial to develop a comprehensive plan.  A great retirement supplement vehicle is our strategic retirement plan through Leveraged Funding, which is discussed in a section of this website.  Leverage Funding or Premium Financing supplements all or most of the financing from outside sources if qualified.  It is a good idea to read that information as a first step in determining if that plan may be right for you.  Please contact 9th Wonder Financial for further information in this regard.

Not Subject To Creditors Or ERISA

In the early ’70s, the government created ERISA, The Employee Retirement and Security Act. Since its implementation, it has created bundles of red tape, frivolous lawsuits, and has driven up costs substantially for employers trying to provide retirement benefits to their employees. 9th Wonder Financial avoids all those issues eliminating the costs and headaches at no cost.

Social Security Does Not Become Taxable

Our retirement plan benefits can be accessed tax-free, so these funds do not increase the taxable income for the employee giving them the opportunity to avoid double taxation on their Social Security income when they retire.

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